By default, vidscrips on a user or group channel are listed by creation date, with the most recently created vidscrip being at the top, and the first vidscrip created at the bottom.

You can change the default order of vidscrips using our sorting feature. You may want to group "like" vidscrips (on a certain condition or procedure), or keep your "About Me" vidscrip at the top so its always visible to new patients. 

It's easy!
  1.  Login to your vidscrip account on the web
  2.  Go to your channel or a group channel you manage
  3.  Click "Sort vidscrips"
  4.  Drag and drop into the order you want
  5.  Click "Save changes"

Note: the order in which you choose to display vidscrips on your channel does not affect the ordering of list of vidscrips displayed after the last answer in a vidscrip plays. That list remains ordered with the most recently created vidscrip at the top.

While the ability to sort vidscrips on your channel is only available on the web, the order you choose will be reflected across the website and our iOS and Android apps.

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