We want your patients to stay connected and engaged with you after each vidscrip they watch (and help you get the most value out of the time you've spent recording awesome vidscrips 🙌 )!

One way we do this is by encouraging the viewer to watch additional vidscrips you've recorded. After the last answer in each of your vidscrips finishes playing, we display up to five additional vidscrips you've recorded and a link to your Channel.

How is it determined which five vidscrips will show up?

  • vidscrips are listed in the order they were created, with the most recent at the top
  • Only vidscrips that the user has access to will display. In most cases, this will just be vidscrips with a privacy setting of "public" - but if the viewer is logged in and you've shared private vidscrips with them, those will also be included.
  • You are not able to change which vidscrips show up or the order in which they are displayed

I'm not seeing some of the vidscrips from my channel show up. Why is this?

  • Only vidscrips recorded by you are displayed; if you've added someone else's vidscrip to your channel, it will not show up
  • Check your privacy settings  - only vidscrips that the viewer has access to will be displayed (see above for more details!)

I don't have five additional recordings; how will this work?

  • We'll display between 1 and 5 of additional vidscrips (so if you have only 3 other vidscrips, we'll display 3)

Currently this feature is only available on vidscrip.com (not in our mobile apps for iOS or Android). 

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