In order to utilize the various features of the vidscrip app such as recording vidscrips, you will have to give the app access to features on your phonethat enable these functions. Here are some FAQ's about these permissions.

1. My screen is black when I try to record an answer - what’s up?

The first time you open the record screen, you will be prompted to give vidscrip access to your camera and microphone. If you do not give access, you’ll need to go to your device’s privacy settings and toggle Camera and Microphone back on for the vidscrip app in order to record an answer.

2. Why does vidscrip ask for access to my camera and microphone?

Your device requires you to give access to applications’ use of your microphone and camera

3. Why is it important to allow push notifications?

Push notifications allow vidscrip to notify you when you’ve received a new vidscrip or template in your inbox. We want you to stay updated on the latest from your very own care team!

4. How do I turn emails on or off?

On “My Channel” tap “Edit Channel”
Under “Account Settings” there is a field for opting in or out of email notifications

5. Why does vidscrip ask for my location?

Location-based vidscrips can be delivered upon entering a certain area. For example, when you enter a hospital or clinic, your provider could then send you a vidscrip.

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