Vidscrip offers a sharing feature that allows you to grab a snippet of code to use to embed your vidscrips directly on your website. It cannot be done through the app, so to access the embed feature:

  1. Go to on the web 
  2. Search for the physician's name to visit their channel 
  3. Click on the vidscrip you wish to embed
  4. Click “Share” at the top right corner
  5. Click “EMBED” at the top of the box
  6. Within this feature you have the option to choose the starting point of the vidscrip
  7. Click the drop down arrow and choose the question that you want the vidscrip to start at (beginning, chapter, or question)
  8. You may adjust the width and height of the frame based on your preferences
  9. Select "autoplay" if you would like the embedded vidscrip to start playing automatically on your website
  10. Copy the embed code and use this embed code in your website’s content management system to embed a vidscrip.

Watch this vidscrip demo on embed links:

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