If you are a healthcare provider and you have a doximity account, you may use this to sign up for vidscrip as a credentialed user. By doing this, you will be offered relevant content to your medical specialty. If you want to credential yourself using your NPI number, you may do this in Edit Channel after registering for an account.

  1. Tap on the My Channel tab
  2. Tap the Edit Channel button
  3. You’ll see an option to enter your NPI - enter this and tap Done located in the upper right corner. (Note: the text entered in First Name/Last Name must match exactly what is registered with the NPI. Once an NPI has been entered and verified, it cannot be edited)*
  4. Tap on Edit Channel again
  5. You should see options to add a specialty or practice location now
  6. Add these and tap "Done" located in the top right corner to save your changes
  7. You should now be able to tap to your Record tab and see the various templates related to your specialty
  8. If you are a healthcare provider and have a Doximity account, you can also get verified through Doximity.
  9. Tap the Edit Channel button again
  10. Tap on the Doximity button to verify your credentials and login to access vidscrip using your Doximity account (similar to logging into a different app with Facebook)

*If you do not have an NPI code, you may skip this step - see instructions on accessing templates without an NPI

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