vidscrip provides a library of “templates” - a set of questions related to a particular health topic that you can record answers to. You can find a list of templates on your Record tab, or search for a health topic in the Search tab.

  1. Tap the Record tab
  2. Tap on Templates 
  3. Choose the template that you would like to record


  1. Tap on the Search tab to look search for templates on a health topic
  2. Tap the template that you would like to record

Tap to start recording (in the red bar at the top of the screen) or click on the question that you would like to record/answer.

Featured Templates can be presented to you based on your - location, specialty, health system or current health topic. 

A template can also be saved to use later.

  1. Choose it from the library
  2. Tap edit, then tap save
  3. The template will be stored on your channel, and remain hidden from other users until you change its privacy settings
  4. To access the template later, tap on “My vidscrips”

*Note: See “Making Changes to a Template” for how to add or remove questions

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