The RECORD tab is where you go to create a new vidscrip. Create your own template to answer a series of questions using video, audio, images or text. 

  1. Tap to the Record tab
  2. In the upper right corner, tap "Create"
  3. Enter the title of your vidscrip
  4. Tap "Next" (located inside the bottom right corner of your keyboard)
  5. Enter a brief description or leave the timestamp as is and tap "Next"
  6. Enter your first question
  7. If you have more questions, tap “Add question” located on the right directly above your keyboard
  8. Once you’re done adding questions, tap “Done”
  9. If you’re ready to record/import answers - tap "Record" in the upper right corner
  10. If you want to save the template for later, tap "Save" in the upper left corner and then tap "Back"

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