After creating your account, "My Channel" is where you manage your account settings. Follow these simple steps to change your username, reset your password, add a specialty (if a healthcare provider) and edit other account details: 

  1. Tap on the My Channel tab and tap “Edit Channel”
  2. Add a profile image to the account if there is not one by tapping the photo/camera icon - select a photo from your device or capture a picture
  3. Add/Edit your username which is directly linked to your unique url (example:
  4. Revise the Display Name field as needed - here is where you can add things like “MD” or other credentials after your name
  5. Add Bio description text or a website link
  6. Scroll down and verify that there are specialties designated and add a practice location if you like
  7. Scroll down to "Change Your Password" if you ever need to change it
  8. Tap "Done" in the upper right corner to save changes

Check out this quick tip for customizing your username!

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