You can create an account in a number of places: our iOS app, Android app, or online at

  1. Open the vidscrip app, tap "Sign Up".
  2. Enter first name, last name, email and a password
  3. Tap “Sign Up”
  4. You will receive an activation email asking you to tap/click a link to verify your account - check your email and click or tap that link*. Your app will update and you’ll be all set
  5. Upon being activated, a prompt will appear in the vidscrip app asking if you would like to use the app as a healthcare professional - tap YES if you plan to use the app as a healthcare provider.
  6. If signing up online, the option to choose healthcare professional or patient will appear when entering your name, email and a password. 
  7. You will then be prompted to add a specialty. Add or select your primary specialty. You can add multiple specialties if needed
  8. Once you complete this step, you will be considered a “credentialed” user - which allows you to have access to exclusive templates inside the app based on your medical specialty

Here's what it looks like to sign up online at

*If you do not receive the activation email, please check your SPAM folder. If it is not there either, tap “resend code” or please email and we will be happy to help activate.

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