What Is A Vidscrip?

A Vidscrip is a “playlist” of short educational videos recorded by a healthcare provider and shared through their website, social media, or links sent directly to patients’ phones.  Vidscrips have been proven to improve practice efficiency, health outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

What Is The COVID19 Vidscrip Program?

During this pandemic healthcare providers are trying to keep up with patient's demand for information, often with reduced staff.  The COVID19 Vidscrip Program is designed to help HCP's more keep their patients informed in a highly personal and more efficient way.

Where Do The Questions In The Program Come From?

The questions in the COVID19 Vidscrip Program come from public health websites like CDC, WHO and NIH.  Each template of questions contains a link to the source site.  While you record your videos we encourage you to use these sites as a resource to help you with your answers.

How Do I Register?

To register for the program go to vidscrip.com/COVID19

How Do I Record My Videos?

After you register you will receive an email from Vidscrip.  The email includes a RECORD NOW button.  Tap that button and you will be automatically logged into our Virtual Recording Studio (seen below).  Once in the VRS you will be guided through the process of choosing the Vidscrips you want to record and recording your videos.

What If I Need Help While I'm Recording My Videos?

Recording your videos with the Vidscrip Virtual Recording Studio is really simple.  But, if you need help you can chat with one of our Community Managers by tapping on the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

How Do I Share My Vidscrips with Patients?

Once you have recorded your first Vidscrip you will receive another email.  This email will show you how you can share your Vidscrips with patients through embeds on your website, social media, and through links sent directly to patients via email and text messages.

What If My Practice Needs Help Implementing This?

We are very happy to work with your health system, hospital, or practice to implement this program.  We can help with on-boarding HCP's, embedding Vidscrips on websites, and sharing Vidscrips through messaging services.  Simply email us at support@vidscrip.com to get connected to one of our Community Managers.

Why Is This Program Free?

Vidscrip programs are always FREE to healthcare providers.  Some programs are sponsored by health systems for their own HCP's, others are sponsored by industry partners like medical device and pharmaceutical companies.  The COVID19 Vidscrip Program is sponsored in the US by AstraZeneca.

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