There are two ways to get a USER scheduled for a recording session.

  1. The USER can schedule directly from the email they received when you invited them to the PROGRAM by tapping the blue “Schedule An Online Recording” button.  Also, the USER can RECORD on-demand from the invitation email by clicking “Record Now” with no support

  2. A PRODUCER can schedule on behalf of the USER by selecting the PROGRAM you want the USER to record, tapping SCHEDULE RECORDING, choosing the USER you want to schedule, and completing the scheduling form. 

Once scheduled, the USER will automatically receive a calendar invitation. 

At the time of the recording session the USER will tap the link in the calendar invitation, which will bring them to the online WAITING ROOM.  

They will be “met” by a VIDSCRIP VIRTUAL PRODUCER and guided through the recording process.  

NOTE: Virtual Recording Sessions are limited to the VIRTUAL PRODUCER and the USER.  PRODUCERS and ASSISTANT PRODUCERS who wish to participate in a recording session must be on-site with the USER. 

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