PRODUCER: Do you find that you repeat yourself a lot with patients?
Yes, I say the same things over-and-over, day-after-day.  Every day is groundhog day.

PRODUCER: Studies show that patients forget up to 80% of what you tell them.  Does that sound right to you?
Yes. In fact, it may be higher than that.

PRODUCER: How does this impact your practice?

  • My staff spends a lot of time fielding patient call-backs.  

  • Patients miss appointments, cancel procedures, and struggle to follow instructions. 

  • Post-procedure outcomes are impacted.

  • Patients feel they don’t get enough of my time, which impacts patient satisfaction scores.

PRODUCER: I may have a solution for you!
Let’s hear it!


  • Vidscrip is a FREE web-based platform that allows you to use your laptop to make short videos that answer common patient questions.  

  • The videos can be embedded on your website, and/or sent directly to your patient’s phones via text message. 

  • We have the following PROGRAMS for you to use with your patients: [describe available PROGRAMS]

PRODUCER: Would you like me to invite you to the program?

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