When you log into the PRODUCER Application you will see four TABS near the top of your screen.  

This tab lists all the PROGRAMS you have created (PRODUCERS ONLY), or have been invited to.  

You can follow specific USERS by adding them to your MY USERS tab.  

  • To add a USER to MY USERS tap on the “three dots” to the right of their name and tap “Add To My Users”.  

  • Tap on the USER NAME to go to their Vidscrip CHANNEL

  • Tap on the “three dots” to manage the USER78

Any TEMPLATES you have personally created (PRODUCERS ONLY) will appear in the MY TEMPLATES tab.

Any Vidscrips you have personally recorded will appear in the MY VIDSCRIPS tab.

  • HINT: You can navigate to any one of these tabs by tapping the “Hamburger Menu” in the upper-right corner of your screen.

  • HINT: Tap on the “three dots” to take actions on PROGRAMS, TEMPLATES, USERS and VIDSCRIP.

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