We have a new feature that allows healthcare professionals like yourself to record vidscrips using the built-in or external web camera on your laptop or desktop computer. 

Follow these simple steps to record your vidscrip:

1. Using your laptop or desktop computer, open Google Chrome and login into your account at www.vidscrip.com/login

2. Click the “hamburger menu” at the top right corner and click “Record” from the drop down menu to get to the Record tab

 3. In the Record tab, you will see:

  • “Vidscrips you’ve recorded” --- a list of vidscrips that you’ve completed or are incomplete 
  • “Templates you can record” --- browse the templates within your specialty and click Record next to the one you’d like to record

4. Here’s how to record your answers the questions in the template:

5. After you’ve answered all the questions and they say “Complete”, click Done (in the red bar), choose “Public” to make your vidscrip viewable to anyone, and click Done 

6. Want to record some more? Click the “hamburger menu” to get back to the Record tab and select another template

Want support while you record? 

Schedule a recording session with one of our team members

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